About Me and How We Became a Family

Hi there! So nice to meet you!

My adventure began as a young girl who loved dogs and family more than anything in the world. Most kids would be out there running around with friends and playing tag. I was the little bookworm who hung out with my best friend Pal. You guessed it! My best friend walked on four legs and had a happy tail that wagged whenever I would crawl under the table and start reading her “Charlotte’s Web” and whatever books I could get my hands on. That kitchen table was our “fort” when I was not using the chalkboard in the kitchen to teach her the school lessons for the day. I’m pretty sure my pup was the smartest one on the block.

My love for dogs grew as I begged dad to let me stay to watch veterinarians do surgeries after my dog’s appointment. Doesn’t every kid do that? Maybe not. I loved it!

Over the years, I spent time studying criminal justice and eventually went on to become a paralegal for several years and the rest of the time I was hard at work crunching numbers as an accountant. I learned so much from all of these things and I’m grateful for each and every moment. It just never quite “fit”.

Then I met Mystic (the shepherd you see in the picture). She was sent to me just before my grandmother passed and I don’t know what I would have done without her. Mystic is my soul dog. She is my reason for leaving the corporate world and following my passion once again.

I met my husband, Gary, at work. We started a couple days and desks apart at a local manufacturing company. We worked together for a couple of years. Then it slowly grew into a deeper friendship. Eventually, it ended up as love.

Mystic adopted Gary when we got married. We started a business together called S & G Pet Care and Small Engine Repair. Apples to Oranges right? We actually started it with the idea that only one would work out. They both took off! We had so many wonderful clients that used us for both services and could feel like we took care of the needs of their family. We earned trust and we treated them like family.

Along came Dallas. I had been volunteering with a wonderful special needs rescue called Perfect Imperfections. Mystic had been an only dog for so long that we figured we would keep it that way. One day I saw a picture of the little guy and instantly felt the pull to foster him. You will read about his journey in the blog but I can say that he is officially part of the family and we couldn’t imagine a day without him.


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